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Zlurpi (Z Runtz x Z Road) 7-Pack

Zlurpi (Z Runtz x Z Road) 7-Pack

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Zlurpi is a cross between Z Runtz x Z Road.

Z Runtz It is a cross of the breeder himself by crossing the varieties  Runtz x ZKittlez..

 Z Road es also a variety from the breeder himself created through the crossing between zkittlez x (Road Dawg x Face Off OG Bx2).This variety, from which the breeder has released his own line, promises to be a substantial improvement on the Z Original without its delicate traits and slow growth.The reversal of Z Road has generated a Zkittlez much more productive, preserving that fruity aroma and adding some heavy gas.

Zlurpi combines sweet Z Terps and heavy OG Gas into one exceptional strain, that’s easy to grow and yields really good.

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