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Compound Genetics

Wingsuit 7+1

Wingsuit 7+1

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Genetics: Red Bullz x Gastro Pop

THC/CBD: 30% THC+/<1% CBD

yield outdoor: 900g

yield indoor: 600/m²

60% Indica / 40% Sativa

Flowering Time:  63 Days




-Candy Gas





Wingsuit by Compound Genetics is a combination of the highly sought-after Red Bullz' mother cut, which has been crossed with the Gastro Pop to create the next new candy gas profile bound to stun everyone, no matter their level of expertise.

Both parent stocks are descendants of the Grape Gas, a stellar candy grape and gas profile with unreal bag appeal. The vast majority of Wingsuit phenotypes will dominate with that complex grape candy aroma, so Compound Genetics recommends that selection should be for one that also retains the perfume and floral profile found in the White Runtz.

Thankfully the Red Bullz mother cut tends to be so Runtz dominant that this occurrence should be highly likely to occur, and hunters can expect an array of very potent and aromatic dark purple plants with strong characteristics all around. Wingsuit progeny are sure to be all-around winners.

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