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Wedding Cake Auto

Wedding Cake Auto

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aka Pink Cookies Auto

Genetics: Wedding Cake x BF Super Auto 1

THC/CBD: 19%+ THC/<2% CBD

Yield per plant: 120g

Indica/Sativa: Sativa 20%/Indica 75%/Ruderalis 5%

Life Cycle: 10-11 weeks



-sweet candy

-fruity citrus mix




As the autoflowering version of the original Wedding Cake, Wedding Cake Automatic serves up the same delicious terpenes and euphoric high, but in a fraction of the time.


Wedding Cake blew the minds of growers all over the world with her unique flavours and powerful effects. However, if you’d rather skip the courtship and dive straight into commitment, then Wedding Cake Automatic will serve up a yield in much less time. The skilled RQS breeders created this indica-dominant by crossing parent strains Wedding Cake and BF Super Auto #1.


Wedding Cake Automatic inherited all of the delicious terpenes from the original cultivar. You’ll enjoy moreish cakey and creamy flavours of a fruity citrus mix, sweet candy, and pine with every inhalation. Shortly after experiencing her aromatic components, you’ll feel a euphoric and physical high fuelled by a THC content of 19% take hold.


Speedy. Compact. Hardy. Wedding Cake Automatic doesn’t require the constant care and attention of your standard photoperiod strain. This variety will grow just about anywhere without a fuss.

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