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Night Owl Seeds

Vanilla Fizz F2 Auto

Vanilla Fizz F2 Auto

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Genetics: [(White Stomper V1 x Sour Hound) x Cosmic Queen] X [(White Stomper V1 x Sour Hound) x Cosmic Queen])

THC/CBD: 24% THC/<1% CBD

yield per plant: 120g

50% Indica /50% Sativa

Flowering Time:  74 Days






Physical Traits
Vanilla Fizz F2 produces medium to large bushes of stellar flowers that will excite even the most discerning of gardeners! 

Effects & Flavour
The name says it all, a truly effervescent caramel sweetness with a silky smooth vanilla cream soda funk that is unrivalled in anything that Night Owl Seeds has ever tried! She's a truly one-of-a-kind hybrid and her crosses are sure to withstand the test of time thanks to her unique properties. In moderation she's a dream for the daytime consumer, bringing about laughter that will leave your belly aching! Over-indulgence could result in far too many trips to the fridge, but a proper cure will bring out that sweet caramel vanilla that is balanced with a back note of cheese funk. She's bound to captivate those with experience or novices alike. 

The mother is the Vanilla Fizz, and she's a perfect example of why Night Owl Seeds dedicated his craft to the production of elite, artisanal seeds. The variety of flavour profiles found in Cannabis is always pushing the envelope, and Vanilla Fizz is another great example of this. Never before has Night Owl Seeds seen or even heard of a vanilla and caramel profile that dominates the flavour so much. 

The Vanilla Fizz F2 puts the Vanilla profile into role reversal by making it front and centre of the cross, this is truly captivating and the more time Night Owl spent working on her the more he was convinced to work with her even more. When he ran it alongside the Cosmic Queen F4S1 which is super sativa, it made him appreciate them both even more. There is a unique complexity to this hybrid that is truly spectacular. 

On the other side of the lineage is the Vanilla Fizz reversal which was mainly picked for her intense resin production as well as her addictive creamy, caramel notes and incredibly branchy plant structure. She didn't produce quite as much pollen as Night Owl Seeds wanted so he was only able to use her in a few crosses, but he has big plans for this strain so expect to see more hybrids with her soon!

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