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Perfect Tree Seeds

Pink Gasoline (33 Splitter x Peach Ozz)

Pink Gasoline (33 Splitter x Peach Ozz)

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Genetics: 33 Splitter x Peach Ozz*

*Peach Ozz = OZ Kush x Peach Ringz

THC/CBD: 33%+ THC/<1% CBD

yield outdoor: 1000g

yield indoor: 800g+/m²

Indica/Sativa: 70% Indica/30% Sativa

Flowering Time: 8 - 9



-Extreme Gas

-Cookie Dough

-OG stank



++Every Pack comes with 3 Free Seeds of Tropic‘Ozz (Tropicanna Cherry x Peach Ozz)++


Pink Gasoline from Perfect Tree is a cross between 33 Splitter (Gelato #33 x Atom Splitter) and Peach Ozz.

This strain produces HUGE BUDS and a lotta resin!

Originating from the Peach Ozz, it produces something very unique in expressions of smell. The terp profile is extremely gassy and gelato dominant. On the inhale Pink Gasoline strongly tastes of eyewatering gas and jet fuel. It’s seemingly one of the highest yielders in the Peach Ozz feminized selection.

Pink Gasoline is a truly champion strain, recently taking 1st place Indoor in the Caribbean Cup 2023 as entered by Tierra Prometida Organico.  

At the Biskaia 2020 competition, Pink Gasoline took 2nd place in the dry sift category showing her stellar resin properties so she's sure to be a treat for any hashmakers.

Don‘t sleep on this resindrippin Terp-Monster!

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