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Red Red Wine (Rozay x Jet A)

Red Red Wine (Rozay x Jet A)

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Genetics: Rozay x Jet A*

*Jet A = Gelato #33 x Tina

THC/CBD: 33%+ THC/<1% CBD

yield outdoor: 1000g

yield indoor: 750g+/m²

Indica/Sativa: 70% Indica/30% Sativa

Flowering Time: 8 - 9 weeks








++Every Pack comes with 3 Free Seeds of Tropic‘Ozz (Tropicanna Cherry x Peach Ozz)++


Red Red Wine, taking its name from the classic song written by Neil Diamond and made famous by UB40, is a truly beautiful plant in every way. From the spectacular deep purple colouring to the glistening layer of resin, not forgetting the incredible aromas and flavours of red berries reminding of red wine, Red Red Wine is sure to conquer all who cross her path: growers, smokers and hashmakers alike.

This new and exciting hybrid from Perfect Tree is based on a selected clone of Rozay, a super-frosty indica hybrid of Sherbert x Purple Bomb bred by Relentless Genetics, resuting in resin-coated buds with a sweet candy flavour of fruits and berries with notes of red wine and a well-balanced effect.

To complement this sweet and fruity variety, Perfect Tree have reversed their special selection of Jet A, bred by Exotic Genetix, an indica-dominant cross of Gelato 33 x Tina with an intense fruit and gas/fuel flavour, superb resin production and a powerful effect.

The resulting hybrid combines the sweet fruity notes of Rozay with the gassy aromas of Jet A to make a unique terpene profile, offering a complex, floral and sweet taste that will delight lovers of dank, gassy and fruity flowers.

Red Red Wine plants are easy to grow, giving great results and heavy yields whether cultivated indoors, where the flowers will be mature in 7-8 weeks, or outdoors, where the harvest will be ready to collect at the end of September. The resinous buds are really easy to trim thanks to the excellent leaf-to-bud ratio.

The crazy trichome production of Red Red Wine, combined with the refined terpenes and the beautiful colours of the resin mean that this variety is a great option for making extracts of all kinds.

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