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Loukoum (California Black Roze x Jet A)

Loukoum (California Black Roze x Jet A)

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Genetics: California Black Roze x Jet A*

*Jet A = Gelato #33 x Tina

THC/CBD: 33%+ THC/<1% CBD

yield outdoor: 1000g

yield indoor: 750g+/m²

Indica/Sativa: 70% Indica/30% Sativa

Flowering Time: 8 - 9 weeks




-Jet Fuel

-Cake Dough



++Every Pack comes with 3 Free Seeds of Tropic‘Ozz (Tropicanna Cherry x Peach Ozz)++


Perfect Tree has developed this variety by crossing California Black Roze by Dying Breed Seeds and Jet A. The result is a plant with a unique aroma.

Loukoum is an Indica dominant hybrid which, despite this genetic heritage, easily reaches a large size thanks to a pronounced stretching in the transition to flowering. Thus, it easily fills the space available.

Indoors it has a flowering period of about 9 weeks, developing long, somewhat spongy and very resinous flowers. It is a good candidate for elaborating all kinds of extracts.

Loukoum's harvest, once dried and cured, offers a visual and olfactory spectacle to the cultivator. Its flowers present pink to purple colours that contrast with the white thick resin layer that covers them. Aromas and flavours that combine sweet berries, diesel and fruity notes, on a creamy background enriched with a gas touch.

Loukoum produces a calm and relaxing effect both on a physical and mental level.

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