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Tropical Fuel

Tropical Fuel

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Genetics: Tropicana Cookies F2 “C cut” x Tropicana Cookies F2

THC/CBD: 27%+/<1%

yield outdoor: 800g

yield indoor: 500g+/m²

Indica/Sativa: 70% Indica/30% Sativa

Flowering Time: 49 - 56 days



-Overripe Oranges





Our Tropical Fuel strain coming from the famous Tropicana Cookies F2, we have used two completely different phenotypes both in its aromas and in its structure, one of them with an intense aroma of orange juice, and another with quite more complex odors, close to what that we call "fuel."

Tropical Fuel is easy to grow and its flowering time is pretty close to 8 weeks, then we will get very resinous flowers with reddish and purple colors very pronounced in virtually all individuals.

Tropical Fuel is of this type of varieties that have an euphoric and stimulating effect at the beginning to become more relaxed as their effects progress, being very interesting to stimulate creative processes.

Due to its intense aroma and effect it has, we recommend this tropicana strain for those growers who are looking for extractions.

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