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Malasaña Cookies

Malasaña Cookies

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Genetics: Thin Mint Cookies x Herz OG

THC/CBD: 26%+/<1%

yield outdoor: 800g

yield indoor: 500g+/m²

Indica/Sativa: 70% Indica/30% Sativa

Flowering Time: 49 - 56 days





-Fresh Lime



Malasaña Cookies is our 'Exotic Lemon Cookies strain', it is an Indica dominant hybrid result of the crossing between our Thin Mint Cookies motherplant and an elite clone of the Herz OG Strain.

The Malasaña Cookies strain is a special, very productive and resinous plant with purple flowers at the end of the flowering time, with a very powerful effect that you will not forget, and having very high THC values.

This exotic cookies strain's aroma is very complex, it smells like lemon cookies fresh out of the oven in some cases and fresh lime in others, something very complicated to describe, but that we fell in love with from the first time we grew it.

Its resin is abundant and of very high quality, which makes this hybrid a very interesting strain for extractions lovers, achieving generous returns with a unique terpene profile.

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