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Night Owl Seeds

Strawberry Popesicle Auto

Strawberry Popesicle Auto

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Genetics: Popesicle x Cookie Smasher

THC/CBD: 24% THC/<1% CBD

yield per plant: 120g

50% Indica /50% Sativa

Flowering Time:  70 Days







Physical Traits
Strawberry Popesicle is an absolute favourite, partly due to the fact they are some of the biggest plants that Night Owl Seeds has ever grown! When grown properly, each of her branches has bigger flowers than some individual autoflower strains, with the yields to match she's a definite winner. She's extremely forgiving so is equally suited to novices and professionals. 

Effects & Flavour
The profile is packed full of sweet strawberry, candied grape stomper, gas and cookie notes that result in some potent flower that is hard to put down but can definitely leave you feeling mashed up! The effects are incredibly uplifting, stimulating and exhilarating making her perfect for improving your day, for social situations or for creative activities. Night Owl Seeds recommends that everyone try out this beautiful specimen of modern hybrid autoflowering genetics. 

The mother is the Popesicle, a standout strain from Night Owl Seeds. After selecting two mothers for pollinating out of the 16, he selected the green phenotype as it exemplified the scents and flavours that he associated the most strongly with the Popesicle and Stomper lineage, a proper grape gas and blueberry funk cocktail with some serious power behind her. Both phenotypes had unbelievable side branching, with colas everywhere and heavy resin production! 

On the other side of the lineage is the Cookie Smasher reversal, which is a truly outstanding specimen. She packs an exotic strawberry candy profile that quickly fills an entire room with even the slightest disturbance to her branches. She's also coated in resin rails across the leaves & resin glands on the stems throughout the reversal. In a few words, she is the exact example Night Owl Seeds looks for in a great example of Cookie Smasher. 

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