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Humboldt Seed Company

Sour Diesel Auto 5-Pack (Sour Diesel#2 x Auto)

Sour Diesel Auto 5-Pack (Sour Diesel#2 x Auto)

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Auto Parentals: Sour Diesel#2 x Ruderalis
Ind / Sat: Sativa
Auto Flowering: 75-85 Days Seed to Harvest
Flavor / Taste / Smell: Diesel, orange, skunk
Effect: Uplifting & Ethereal
%THC: 20-24%
Characteristics: Minor Variation, Frosty and Dense Nugs

Few strains in this world hold a legend that matches up to Sour Diesel. Since its birth almost four decades ago, it has remained a household name in the cannabis community. It is so revered that many geneticists have done their best to preserve and honor its legacy and influence by creating modern-day versions of the strain. 

One example of those is Humboldt Sour Diesel from Humboldt Seed Company. Here’s what you should know about what the strain is, how it grows, and what the consumption experience entails.
How does Humboldt Sour Diesel smell and taste?
Humboldt Sour Diesel’s top three most reported flavors are: orange, cinnamon, and skunk. It also has an amazing sour and gassy smell to it. This is all thanks to a terpene profile dominant in limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene, humulene, camphene, and linalool. 

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