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Sour Apple Auto 5-Pack (Magic Melon Auto x Humboldt Sour Diesel)

Sour Apple Auto 5-Pack (Magic Melon Auto x Humboldt Sour Diesel)

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Auto Parentals: Magic Melon Auto x Humboldt Sour Diesel
Ind / Sat: Sativa
Auto Flowering: 75-85 Days Seed to Harvest
Flavor / Taste / Smell: Apple, Gas
Effect: Uplifting & Ethereal
%THC: 20-24%
Characteristics: Minor Variation, Frosty and Dense Nugs

Autoflower Seeds, Original Strain
Introducing the Sour Apple Autoflower Cannabis Strain – a true masterpiece that harmoniously blends the best of classic fuel terpenes and high THC phenos with the unparalleled vigor and fruity terps of the Magic Melon Auto. Born out of a crossbreeding project, this strain has undergone extensive refinement to ensure a consistent and exceptional experience for cannabis growers.

The journey began in 2019 when we isolated high THC phenotypes from the cross and selectively bred them with seeds from plants boasting over 20% THC. The result is a strain that stands proudly among the elites, with dense buds adorned in an enchanting mix of purple and green hues, complemented by a generous coating of frost – a true spectacle deserving of the top shelf in any collection.

Sour Apple Autoflower is available in Auto Fem, offering convenience and ease of cultivation. The auto parentals, Magic Melon Auto x Humboldt Sour Diesel, contribute to the strain’s sativa dominance, ensuring a lively and uplifting experience. The flavor profile is a delightful combination of apple sweetness and gas undertones, creating an aromatic symphony that complements the strain’s overall ethereal effect.

With a THC potency ranging from 20% to 24%, Sour Apple Autoflower promises a journey into euphoria and relaxation. Its minor variations are a testament to the uniqueness of each nug, all uniformly frosty and dense, ensuring a consistently satisfying encounter with this extraordinary strain. Elevate your cannabis cultivation experience with Sour Apple Autoflower.

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