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Solomatic CBD

Solomatic CBD

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Genetics: Diesel CBD x Asia CBD Auto
THC/CBD: 1% THC/ 21%+ CBD
Yield per plant: 30-80g
70% Indica/20% Sativa/10% Ruderalis
Life Cycle: 10-11 weeks

-Overripe Lemon

Solomatic CBD: The Progeny of Diesel CBD and CBD Auto
The aroma and taste of Solomatic CBD make smoking or vaping the plant an immensely enjoyable experience. Thanks to her genetic diversity—the result of crossing Diesel CBD Auto and Asia CBD Auto—she provides a seductive aroma. The initial burst of sweet, fruity flavour is followed by hints of gas and citrus. With her soft, clean, and very subtle effect, she is just the perfect strain for all those who love the great flavour of cannabis but don’t desire the high.
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