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Night Owl Seeds

Saint Expeditus Auto

Saint Expeditus Auto

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Genetics:  Zamaldelica Express F4S1 *Purple Carrot Pheno* (Zamal x [Malawi x Meao Thai] x Fantasmo Express

THC/CBD: 21% THC/<1% CBD

yield per plant: 120g

30% Indica /70% Sativa

Flowering Time:  75-85 Days





Saint Expeditus by Night Owl Seeds is a cross of Zamaldelica Express F4S1 * Purple Carrot Pheno* blessed to Night Owl Seeds by @HooDooMoses. Zamaldelica Express F4S1, Purple Carrot Pheno is a cross of (Zamal) x [Malawi x Meao Thai] X Fantasmo Express that typically finishes flowering within 75-85 days from the initial sprout.

Saint Expeditus by Night Owl Seeds brings Landrace sativa genetics from Africa into the Autflowering genre; this one is not to be missed for all those looking for actual racy Sativa genetics but in the landrace form. 

This special lady isn't one to sleep on, during Night Owl Seeds last run of the Zamaldelica Express he found these crazy sweet carrot terps that stood out on top of the already outstanding Zamaldelica flavours, the S1 is a little bit more nutrient sensitive than the more line worked mother but its seriously locked down those unique flavours making it well worth the challenge.

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