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Royal Queen Seeds

Royal THCV

Royal THCV

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Genetics: Pure African Sativa x Durban Haze
yield outdoor: 425-475g
yield indoor: 500-550g/m²
5% Indica / 95% Sativa
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks

-Herbal Spice

Royal THCV: The Progeny of Durban Haze
But how does Royal THCV bear such a different cannabinoid profile to other varieties? It’s all down to genetics. By crossing a pure African sativa with the legendary powerhouse Durban Haze, Royal Queen Seeds breeders managed to tease out high levels of THCV in the progeny. This gave rise to a strain with a genetic profile of 95% sativa and 5% indica.
Aroma, Flavour, and Effects of Royal THCV
Royal THCV contains a cannabinoid profile consisting of 7% THC and 7% THCV. This blend provides an uplifting, creative, and subtle high perfect for days when you need some extra motivation. Tastes of skunkyiness, herbal spice, and berries augment this pleasant mental state.
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