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Royal Critical Auto

Royal Critical Auto

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Genetics: Critical x Ruderalis
THC/CBD: 14%+ THC/<1% CBD
Yield per plant: 165g
50% Indica / 15% Sativa / 35% Ruderalis
Life Cycle: 10-11 weeks


The Best of Critical, Thanks to Afghani and Skunk
As implied by its name, Royal Critical Auto will flower automatically, regardless of light schedule. This makes it an easy-to-grow plant that is especially suited to beginner cultivators looking to grow Critical. Even more experienced growers will enjoy the big, dense buds that waft intoxicating aromas at the end of the flowering phase. Scents of gas, spice, and sweetness will dominate the terpene profile. In just 11 weeks post-germination, this Critical variant will be begging for the chop.
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