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Rodeo (Cowboy Cookies x RS 11) 7-Pack

Rodeo (Cowboy Cookies x RS 11) 7-Pack

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Flowering Time : 9 weeks

Genetics : ( Cowboy Cookies x RS11 )

Yield : Heavy

Size : 7 count


Rodeo, a powerful hybrid born from the combination of Cowboy Cookies and RS11. This strain proudly exhibits the unmistakable presence of GMO genetics, as is common in GMO hybrids. Prepare for taller plants that may require a slightly longer flowering period, but the reward is well worth it. Rodeo generously delivers big yields and exceptional hash returns. With a potent high and excellent plant structure, it's an unbeatable strain for those willing to extend the flowering time by an extra week. Keep an eye out for RS11-dominant phenotypes that not only reduce the flowering time but also contribute a delightful candy-like sweetness reminiscent of the Rainbow Collection. Don't miss your chance to experience the wild ride that Rodeo has to offer.

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