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Rainbow Gelato (Gelato 41 x RS11) 7-Pack

Rainbow Gelato (Gelato 41 x RS11) 7-Pack

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Flowering Time : 9 weeks

Genetics : ( Gelato 41 x RS11 )

Sex : Feminized

Yield : Heavy

Size : 7 count


Rainbow Gelato, an irresistible RS11 hybrid paired with Gelato for those seeking a representation of both of these widely cherished profiles, Rainbow Gelato is here for you. With  dark dense nugs and characteristic RS11 pistils and calyx formation found in the majority of its progeny, this strain presents a truly mesmerizing bouquet. Get ready to indulge in the essence of Rainbow Gelato, a delightful fusion that captures the best of both worlds. Experience the magic of this strain and immerse yourself in its exceptional qualities and unmistakable charm.

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