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Compound Genetics

Platinum Pavé 7+1

Platinum Pavé 7+1

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Genetics: Spritzer x Pavé

THC/CBD: 30% THC+/<1% CBD

yield outdoor: 900g

yield indoor: 650/m²

60% Indica / 40% Sativa

Flowering Time:  63 Days









Platinum Pavé is one of the signature new strains that make up the Pavé line that fuses several signature hybrids from Compound Genetics' enviable stable of elite and rare hybrids with their Pavé pollinator.

Platinum Pavé uses Spritzer as the mother, which is a specific phenotype of Cannarado Genetics Grumpz strain. Spritzer is a true new-school exotic, fusing some of the most desirable modern genetics to create a new heavyweight champion strain. Spritzer fuses the legendary candy-gas filled Runtz with a Mac1 x Grape Pie hybrid from Cannarado that blends those berry, candied cereal and milk notes from the Miracle Alien Cookies 1 with the grape pastry notes from the Grape Pie. The combination of terp profiles in the Spritzer has been described as producing a cherry sherbert profile that is packed with delectable, mouthwatering terps.

Platinum Pavé is an Indica-dominant hybrid that can produce THC potency rates of between 27-30%+ and typically finishes flowering around week nine and produces massively high yields.

The result is a resinous, terpene-heavy cultivar that was a no-brainer to act as a receiver for the Pavé's reversed pollen.
Pavé itself is a cross of the legendary Paris OG clone-only cut pollinated with Compound Genetics' in-house creation of The Menthol, which blends together Gelato #45 with White Diesel x High Octane x Jet Fuel.

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