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Royal Queen Seeds

Orion F1

Orion F1

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Genetics: Blue Mammoth Auto x Blue Dream x Amnesia

THC: very high

yield: XXL

Flowering Time: 35-40 Days


- candy

- gassy

- fruity

- Caryophyllene, Farnesene, Myrcene, Ocimene

No matter where you live in the world, you’ll have a view of the Orion constellation that occupies the celestial equator. Orion F1 will take your star-gazing experiences to a whole new level. This autoflowering cultivar represents a revolution within the cannabis industry and puts the delights of hybrid vigour on full display. Her short flowering period, delicious terpene profile, and potent effects make her deserving of a place in your grow room or garden. This variety boasts an impressive genetic lineage that includes the likes of Blue Mammoth Auto, Blue Dream, and Amnesia. Her special feature? She offers some of the best yields of all of the RQS F1 cultivars.
The genetics of Orion F1 gifted this variety with a delicious terpene profile seldom found elsewhere. Every time you hit a joint or bong packed with these flowers, you’ll experience a unique blend of freshness and sweetness sweep across your taste buds. When it comes to effects, Orion F1 will leave you feeling euphoric and relaxed, with a fruity, gassy candy flavor. High levels of THC and small concentrations of CBG synergise with her unique blend of terpenes to provide a stoning body high.
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