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North Thunderfuck

North Thunderfuck

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Genetics: Matanuska Thunderfuck Bx3
THC/CBD: 22% THC/<1% CBD
yield outdoor: 500-550g
yield indoor: 450-500g/m²
50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

-Overripe Citrus

Flavours and Effects of North Thunderfuck
The high starts deceptively. Building in flavour and impact with each hit, up to 23% THC begins to creep through your body. Her citrus scent envelops the senses, encouraging you to indulge in joint after joint. As the phenomenon starts to build, even marijuana aficionados begin to feel a tingling sensation settle into their bodies. Before you know it, euphoria hits like a train, knocking you back into your seat and keeping you there for several hours. Waves of uplifting happiness continue to wash over you as her skunky, piney, gassy notes assert themselves more and more.
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