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Night Owl Seeds

Microverse Morsels V2 Auto

Microverse Morsels V2 Auto

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Genetics: Blue Microverse F5 x Milk and Qookies

THC/CBD: 24% THC/<1% CBD

yield per plant: 120g

50% Indica /50% Sativa

Flowering Time:  77 Days






Physical Traits
Microverse Morsels V2 produces medium-sized plants that race to the finish line! Typically growing as greasy, squat and indica-structure plants, her speed will keep a space for her in your garden repeatedly as your fondness for her will only grow. 

Effects & Flavour
Her flavour is heavy with blueberry & cookie funk alongside some cheesiness that makes this an absolute dream to consume. Her effects are heavy in the heady and cerebral department, making it perfect for helping to assist with attention and focus meaning she's a perfect all-day strain. 

The mother is the Blue Microverse F5, which was taken from a selection of 24 plants. Two of these were almost spot-on copies of each other and a third was more sativa-dominant and set aside for future tester projects. The two used for this hybrid, are the ideal vision of the Blue Microverse as created by Night Owl Seeds. The mothers selected are super greasy, fast-finishers that produce heavy effects and dense buds, as well as great hash plants. There is perfect uniformity across their structure and bud production, and both have incredible finishing fades. 

On the other side of the heritage is the Milk and Qookies reversal selected from 12 which seemed like the perfect pairing. Milk and Qookies has extra vigour, greasy trichomes which even were produced on the reversed female as well as exotic creamy cookie notes and sativa leaning flowers she really is a perfect compliment to the Blue Microverse. 

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