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Barney‘s Farm

Gorilla Glue Auto

Gorilla Glue Auto

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Genetics: Gorilla Glue Auto #4 x BF Super Auto #1

THC/CBD: 25% THC+/<1% CBD

yield outdoor: 300g/plant

yield indoor: 600g/m²

55% Indica / 45% Sativa

Flowering Time: 70-75 Days







Gorilla Glue Auto by Barney’s Farm is a rapid flowering hybrid that will glue you down wherever you may be. This is not a strain for beginners and its hard hitting effects should be treated with respect.

Gorgeous scents of coffee and cream can be detected during flowering.

Combined with notorious THC levels of 25% and you can understand the deep love people feel for this unique plant. In only 70-75 days huge fragrant flowers with very tight nodal spacing will erupt from this monstrous autoflower.


Enjoy some psychedelic exuberance from this Indica dominant addition to our Autoflowering Cali Collection, Gorilla Glue Auto by Barney’s Farm.


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