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Genetics: Afghan x Northern Light x Skunk
THC/CBD: 18% THC/<1% CBD
yield outdoor: 500-550g
yield indoor: 400-450g/m²
90% Indica / 10% Sativa
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks


ICE: Iconic Genetics Afghan x (Northern Light x Skunk)
By combining the legendary prowess of three powerhouse strains—Afghan x (Northern Light x Skunk)—you get none other than Indica Crystal Extreme. Its name hints at this cultivar’s most prized quality: a glittering sheath of trichomes that accumulate en masse by the end of bloom. For all you hash-makers out there, there is no better raw material than ICE.
Heavy relaxation
ICEmakes up for any harvest date delays with its incredible smoke. The heavy indica genetics of the strain results in a wave of full-body relaxation. Given that this is a classic couch-lock cultivar, it’s best enjoyed in the evening. The flavour profile is defined by balanced notes of spice and skunk, with a hint of mint. The overall smoke experience is best described as soothing.
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