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Humboldt Seed Company

HUMBOLDT HEADBAND Fem 5-Pack (Humboldt OG x Headband)

HUMBOLDT HEADBAND Fem 5-Pack (Humboldt OG x Headband)

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Parentals: Humboldt OG x Headband
Ind / Sat: Indica
Photoperiodic Flowering: 60 Days, Oct.1st-15th
Flavor / Taste / Smell: Earthy, Diesel, Pungent
Effect: Super Heady
%THC: 18-22%
Characteristics: Mold Resistant

Humboldt Headband is Humboldt Seed Company’s take on the classic cross between Humboldt  OG X Headband. This strain boasts a compact plant structure with tightly packed buds, showcasing robust mold resistance—an essential trait contributing to its overall resilience.

The flavor profile of Humboldt Headband is characterized by notes of lemon and diesel, adding a delightful complexity to the sweet smoke it produces. As the name suggests, the high induced by this strain is profoundly heady and potent, making it a choice best enjoyed when intricate tasks are not on the agenda.

This strain is available in both feminized and auto-feminized versions, providing growers with options that suit their preferences and cultivation setups. The parent strains, Humboldt OG and Headband, contribute to the genetic foundation, ensuring a distinctive quality.

For those opting for the photoperiodic version, Humboldt Headband requires approximately 60 days of flowering, with the harvest window falling between October 1st and 15th. The auto-flowering variant, with parent strains Headband x OG Kush Auto, has a shorter seed-to-harvest cycle of 70-90 days.

Notably, the strain exhibits characteristics of being mold-resistant, further enhancing its appeal to growers looking for resilient and reliable genetics. With a THC content ranging from 18-22%, Humboldt Headband delivers a potent and enjoyable experience for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a high-quality strain from a reputable seed company.

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