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Humboldt Seed Company

Humboldt Headband Auto 5-Pack (Headband x OG Kush Auto)

Humboldt Headband Auto 5-Pack (Headband x OG Kush Auto)

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Auto Parentals: Headband x OG Kush Auto
Ind / Sat: Indica
Auto Flower Version:  70-90 Days Seed to Harvest
Flavor / Taste / Smell: Earthy, Diesel, Pungent
Effect: Super Heady
%THC: 18-22%
Characteristics: Mold Resistant

Autoflower Seeds, Original Strain
Humboldt Headband in its autoflower version is Humboldt Seed Company’s take on the classic cross between Humboldt  OG X Headband. This variant features a compact plant structure adorned with densely packed buds, showcasing exceptional mold resistance, a crucial attribute contributing to its overall resilience.

The flavor profile of Humboldt Headband autoflower is distinguished by tangy lemon and diesel undertones, enriching the sweet smoke it emanates. As its name implies, the high induced by this strain is deeply cerebral and potent, making it an ideal choice for moments when intricate tasks are not at the forefront.

Available in both feminized and auto-feminized versions, Humboldt Headband provides growers with flexibility to align with their preferences and cultivation setups. Leveraging the genetic foundation laid by its parent strains, Humboldt OG and Headband, Humboldt Headband ensures a distinctive and high-quality outcome.

With a THC content spanning between 18-22%, Humboldt Headband autoflower delivers a potent and enjoyable experience, catering to cannabis enthusiasts seeking top-tier strains from a renowned seed company.

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