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HELLA JELLY Fem 5-Pack (Notorious THC X Very Cherry)

HELLA JELLY Fem 5-Pack (Notorious THC X Very Cherry)

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Type :  Sativa Dominance

Parentage :  Notorious THC X Very Cherry

Average THC :  26-30

Flavor / Taste:  Blue Cotton Candy, Strawberry, Sweet Grapes

Effect :  Potent But Not Debilitating, Happy, Giggly

Flowering Time:  45 Days

Hella Jelly Seeds
Looking for some seeds that will sweeten up your life with their delicious aroma? Look no further because Hella Jelly seeds, previously known as Jelly Rancher, are here to offer just that. With their aroma of cherries, strawberries, and mango, and hints of cotton candy with notes of caramel, these seeds are perfect for sweet lovers who want easy-to-grow marijuana seeds.

If you have a sweet tooth, Hella Jelly seeds are made for you. With a mix of fruity aromas like mango, strawberry, grape, and cherry, along with the cotton candy flavor notes of caramel, they will make your mouth water!

But their aroma is not the only notable characteristic, as Hella Jelly is also known for his fast flowering and growth. Hella Jelly cannabis seeds have good production both indoors and outdoors and produce plants resistant to adversity with a branchy androbust structure.

Perfect for any type of grower regardless of their experience!

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