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Karma Genetics

Guava Runtz 6-Pack (Guava Gelato x Pink Runtz)

Guava Runtz 6-Pack (Guava Gelato x Pink Runtz)

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Genetics: Guava Gelato x Pink Runtz

Flowertime:  8 to 9 weeks
Yield: medium to high
Sex: Feminized

6 seeds per pack


The Guava Gelato mom has proven itself through the years in Karma’s breeding work, and made a name for itself in California and the Netherlands the last 5 years, also known from being the mother of the well proven Sweets strain from Karma’s work. The combination with the Pink Runtz made the resin go all out on the leafs as well, and the smells are raging from powdered candy to creamy and doughy Gelato types.


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