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DURBAN POISON Auto 5-Pack (Mint Jelly Auto x Durban Poison Het x Durban Poison Auto)

DURBAN POISON Auto 5-Pack (Mint Jelly Auto x Durban Poison Het x Durban Poison Auto)

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PHENOTYPE HUNT #:  Durban Het #11
GENETICS: Mint Jelly Auto x Durban Poison Het x Durban Poison Auto
% Indica/Sativa: 10% 90%
TYPE(S/H/I): Sativa Dominant/Hybrid
Smell: Minty Fuel with Xmas Trees and a hint of Sweetness
Flavors: Mint mixed with Pine and Gas
Appearance: Extremely Frosty Green Colas
Effects: Powerful Energized High
Harvest Planning: 100 Days Seed Sprout to Harvest
Growth: Excellent Yield, separate bud type flower formation, trichome covered and productive
Average Cannabinoids*: Total 30-35% THC 28-32%

Durban Poison made waves in Humboldt back in the late nineties and a select few legacy cultivators made a point of preserving clones even though the longer flowering time made it less desirable for commercial production. In 2021 we were gifted the original Durban cut and we set out to stabilize it as an autoflower seed line, a process that takes several years and at least four generations of sifting through progeny to keep true to type traits from the original photoperiod version. Fortunately, we kept seed from a minty phenotype of our Mint Jelly Auto, which happens to hold a autoflower world record for THC content, was a great place to start the transition of the Durban Poison into an auto. As expected, the Durban Poison isn’t our quickest auto, taking up to 100 days from sprout to harvest, but the reward in yield, cannabinoid content and terpenes make up for the extra couple weeks. These dense light green, incredibly frosty flowers also happen to be one of our best strains for hash production. Expect a terpene explosion that will take you back in time to simpler days!

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