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DONUTZ Fem 5-Pack (Lemon Cherry Gelato X GSC X OG)

DONUTZ Fem 5-Pack (Lemon Cherry Gelato X GSC X OG)

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Type :  Hybrid

Parentage :  Lemon Cherry Gelato X GSC X OG

Stabilization :  S2

Average THC :  25-30%

Flavor / Taste:  Glazed Donuts, Sweet Sugary Dough, Fuel

Effect :  Laid Back Creative, Social, Relaxing

Flowering Time:  55 Days

Donutz Seeds
Who doesn't love a good glazed donut? If you adore those delicious pastries, today we introduce Donutz cannabis seeds, the original hybrid variety that's a treat for the senses. With its tempting aroma reminiscent of sweet glazed donuts, Donutz brings together the best of both worlds: sweetness and an appealing hint of fuel for a truly unique experience. Each dense and vibrant bud has a glazed appearance, with hints of vanilla and cinnamon adding depth to the aroma. Feel uplifted and relaxed with Donutz, perfect for those seeking mental stimulation and physical relaxation.

Did you know that Donutz plants produce distinctive, dense, and frosted buds with a vibrant green and purple hue? Imagine the generous aroma of glazed donuts with a sweet and sugary note, complemented by fuel undertones. We're not exaggerating when we say Donutz cannabis seeds are a unique treat for all senses. Resin-coated buds glisten with a subtle vanilla and cinnamon hint, similar to the richest dessert you can imagine.

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