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Night Owl Seeds

Divinations Auto

Divinations Auto

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Genetics: Pre 98 Episode 1 F4 x Wizard’s Apprentice F5

THC/CBD: 24% THC/<1% CBD

yield per plant: 120g

50% Indica /50% Sativa

Flowering Time:  85 Days






Divinations by Night Owl Seeds is a truly magical pairing creating another true F1 hybrid using the Wizard's Apprentice and the Pre-98 Episode one F4. 

Physical Traits
Divinations grow into large plants that glow in the nighttime like street lights or headlights, thanks to their incredible resin production that glitters and makes the flowers look completely white. She has ample bud sites and heavy flower production that all tend to benefit from support towards the latter flowering stages. 

Effects & Flavour
The flavour profile of Divinations is an intense mixture of dark, earthy, spicy, hazy flavours that make her an absolute pleasure to consume. Some phenotypes will express a spicy lime hint that is equally as enjoyable as the prominent phenotype. The effects culimate into a soaring energising head-heavy effect that will have you gazing into the future before it begins to level out into a comfortable body stone which eases aches. 

The Pre 98 Episode 1 F4 mothers used for this strain were selected as they were all identical versions of autoflowers, or at least as close to identical as Night Owl Seeds had ever seen. They were so closely matched that you could easily be fooled by thinking they were clone runs. These mothers were absolute monsters, packing massive stems with strong side branching and satellite colas that stack almost as tall as the main one does.

Meanwhile, the Wizard's Apprentice F5 reversal used is a big-body plant with thick stems and stalks she really is a sight to behold. The selection used was easily the favourite out of the 6 Wizard's Apprentice F5's hunted and the only one Night Owl Seeds useed. Often when reversing the pollinator doesn't tend to pass her resin production traits on to the progeny, but thankfully this one put them out on the reversed flowers and stems. When they burst a wonderfully gassy, hazy and lime aroma filled the space. 

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