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Cookies Gelato Auto

Cookies Gelato Auto

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Genetics: Cookies Gelato x Big Skunk Auto

THC/CBD: 23%+ THC/<2% CBD

Yield per plant: 90-140g

Indica/Sativa: Sativa 20%/Indica 75%/Ruderalis 5%

Life Cycle: 10-12 weeks



-creamy cookies

-fresh honey

-fruity Gelato



The days of stereotyping autoflowering genetics based on potency are over, and Cookies Gelato Automatic stands here as proof. Regarding THC content, this powerhouse puts a long list of photoperiod varieties to shame while still providing an exceptionally speedy grow cycle.


We advise approaching this strain with a plan. Sure, you could blaze these buds on a whim, but doing so on the way to work or before a meeting might send your head into a spin. Her deeply stoning physical effects—fuelled by a THC content of 23%—are best reserved for quiet nights in, camping trips, sunbathing sessions, and any other activity that involves completely blissing out. Not only does this variety bathe the user in peaceful vibes, but it lights up the taste buds with skunky flavours of fruity gelato, creamy cookies and fresh honey.

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