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Night Owl Seeds

Compton Qoolaid Auto

Compton Qoolaid Auto

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Genetics: Electric Qoolaid x Creme de la Compton F3

THC/CBD: 24% THC/<1% CBD

yield per plant: 120g

50% Indica /50% Sativa

Flowering Time:  85 Days






Physical Traits
Compton Qoolaid offspring tend to produce medium to large plants that have slender, colas covered with greasy resin and narrow sativa-shaped leaves that fade beautifully in cooler temperatures which create a stand-out plant in just about any garden. Often requires support in later flowering stages. 

Effects & Flavour
The Compton Qoolaid tastes heavily of exotic candies centred heavily in the blue raspberry/lemonade flavour profile, whilst some also have an exotic cheese & black liquorice profile to the back end that is incredibly moreish. This is the most recent evolution to Night Owl Seed's Qoolaid line. Her effects are definitely sativa-heavy, with excellent rushing head and body effects.

The mother is the Electric Qoolaid, which was a selection of 10 plants which led to two being used for this recent round of pollination, the one used for this batch of seeds was the thinnest leaf, Sativa-looking style of plant that also packed great resin coverage, unreal side branching and stellar yields. 

Meanwhile, the Creme de la Compoton F3 reversal is one of two that were chosen from a selection pool of 24 plants. They were all near enough identical, all producing heavy colas, with a large structure and plenty of side branches, but one had a little extra something to her profile. After enjoying her, Night Owl Seeds realised she had an incredible black liquorice terp that he heard about in cannabis folklore but never before tried. There are also plenty of exotic sweet candy and fruit notes as well as this black liquorice terp, he's super glad he decided to use this reversal on some choice females. 

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