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Chunkadelic Auto 5-Pack (Dark Devil Headband x Magic Melon Auto)

Chunkadelic Auto 5-Pack (Dark Devil Headband x Magic Melon Auto)

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Auto Parentals: Dark Devil Headband x Magic Melon Auto
Ind / Sat: Indica
Auto flowering: 75-85 Days Seed to Harvest
Flavor / Taste / Smell: Tangerine, Skunky, Fuel
Effect: Cunkle effect
%THC: 18-22%
Characteristics: Minor Variation

In a tribute to the iconic Parliament Funkadelic, we gave this strain a fitting name to go with its bag appeal and production. Drawing inspiration from the term “cunkle” that we affectionately use to describe the chunky nugs of Caramel Cream, this strain boasts the same “cunkle effect” – showcasing attractive buds with robust dank protrusions. The name captures the essence of its bag appeal and robust production.

The Cunkle cultivar strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and productivity, making it an ideal choice for both large-scale cultivation and backyard grows. Its easygoing nature doesn’t compromise on the quality and quantity of the yield. The strain’s visual aesthetic, characterized by alluring nugs adorned with solid dank protrusions, pays homage to the funkadelic legacy while embodying a contemporary appeal.

Whether you’re cultivating on a grand scale or nurturing your cannabis garden at home, Chunkadelic offers an inviting and productive option that aligns with the funkadelic spirit it draws inspiration from.

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