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BLUEBERRY MUFFIN Fem 5-Pack (Purple Panty Dropper X Razzleberry)

BLUEBERRY MUFFIN Fem 5-Pack (Purple Panty Dropper X Razzleberry)

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Type :  Indica Dominant

Parentage :  Purple Panty Dropper X Razzleberry

Stabilization :  F9

Flavor / Taste:  Blueberry, Muffin, Chamomile, Sweet

Effect :  Energizing, Uplifting, Happy

Flowering Time:  45 Days

Blueberry Muffin Seeds
Are you looking for cannabis seeds with very tasty plants that offer stable growth and sweet flavors? Look no further! At Humboldt Seed Company, we have just what you need. Our Blueberry Muffin seeds are recognized for their excellent quality, taste, and effect, and have won various international competitions such as the Emerald Cannabis Cup.

For starters, these cannabis seeds are easy to grow and have a stable and consistent yield, something that beginner growers will appreciate. In addition to this, they stand out for their incredible aroma. A mixture of brown sugar, blueberries, muffins, chamomile, and other herbal touches will inundate your senses.

And when we say senses, we also mean sight, because they are very beautiful plants. During their maturation, they can adopt purple hues if the temperature during their flowering drops, which further enhances their beautiful appearance. Similarly, since their plant is tasty, potent, and resinous, their buds tend to be as well.

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