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Compound Genetics

Bling Blaow 7+1

Bling Blaow 7+1

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Genetics: Glitter Bomb x Gastro Pop

THC/CBD: 25% THC+/<1% CBD

yield outdoor: 900g

yield indoor: 600/m²

60% Indica / 40% Sativa

Flowering Time:  63 Days




-Grape Candy

-Sweet fruits



Bling Bloaw is a cross of Glitter Bomb x Gastro Pop that produces two distinctive phenotypes: dark purple selections that lean towards the Gastro Pop and green selections with so many trichomes that the buds appear predominantly white! The Glitter Bomb mother is a cross of OGKB Blueberry Headband to the infamous Grape Gas #10; the resulting terps are dominant with sweet grape candy underpinned by sweet cough syrup and a potent hit of gas.

Gastro Pop is a cross of Grape Gas x Jet Fuel Gelato, crossed with Apples & Bananas' so the Bling Bloaw doubles down on Compound Genetics' Grape Gas heritage.

Bling Bloaw expresses a range of subtle fruit profiles that are balanced with sweet candy tones & a touch of offensive nail polish remover notes. She also produces steep triangular-shaped buds that make for one of the most eye-catching and visually stunning crosses Compound Genetics have ever created, perfectly capturing that candy, fruit and gas mixture that is ever popular.

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