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Apollo F1

Apollo F1

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Genetics: Lemon x Black Domina x Sugar Mangolia

THC: very high

yield: XXL

Flowering Time: 45-50 Days


- Overripe citrus peel

- Creamy vanilla

- Gassy lavender

- Caryophyllene, Farnesene, Myrcene, Terpinolene

Apollo F1 is a vigorous autoflowering hybrid that boasts a strong structure and delicious aromas. Created from inbred lines descending from Lemon, Black Domina, and Sugar Magnolia, Apollo F1 inherited premium genetics from all of her predecessors. Like the ancient Greek deity she's named after, Apollo F1 produces balanced, creative effects that might inspire your perception of music, dance, poetry, and more!
Mature and well-dried Apollo F1 flowers boast an upfront fresh aroma that combines crispy pine with the invigorating kick of overripe citrus peels. Accentuating these notes is a rich backdrop of creamy dark vanilla and hints of gassy lavender, reminiscent of modern cannabis varieties descending from Cookies and other US lineages. Apollo F1 produces a resin loaded with plenty of cannabinoids (predominantly THC) and a complex mix of terpenes. As a result, Apollo F1 produces a balanced effect very typical of a well-bred hybrid—expect a powerfully relaxing physical sensation mixed with a notable euphoria and motivating kick.
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