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Amnesia Haze Regular

Amnesia Haze Regular

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Genetics: Original Amnesia Haze
THC/CBD: 22% THC+/<2% CBD
yield outdoor: 650-700g
yield indoor: 600-650g/m²
30% Indica / 70% Sativa
Flowering Time: 10-11 weeks

-Overripe Lemon

Amnesia Haze Regular: Soaring Highs and Intense Flavours
Amnesia Haze regular offers the classic Amnesia Haze experience, with an interesting twist: these seeds are just as nature intended them to be. In other words, they’ll emerge as both male and female plants. As well as providing solid and reliable results, breeders can use these plants to create their own strains.
Aroma, Flavour, and Effects of Amnesia Haze Regular: Experience This Classic "Upper" Strain
Amnesia Haze regular provides an exotic and potent experience. Her beautiful, pillar-shaped flowers possess a large THC quantity of 22%. Her high hits hard and fast, so take things one toke at a time, to begin with. With a reputation for delivering an almost psychedelic high, don't underestimate the trippy power of this sativa-dominant beauty.
With every hit of Amnesia Haze regular, you’ll notice complex flavours roll across your tongue. Tastes of citrus, earthiness, and sour synergise for a wholesome and uplifting Haze smoke experience.
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