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ALL GAS OG Auto 5-Pack (All Gas OG x Asphalt OG x Chunkadelic Auto)

ALL GAS OG Auto 5-Pack (All Gas OG x Asphalt OG x Chunkadelic Auto)

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Auto Parentals: All Gas OG x Asphalt OG x Chunkadelic Auto
Ind / Sat: Indica
Auto Flower Version: 80-100 Days Seed to Harvest
Flavor / Taste / Smell: Skunk, Pine, Orange
Effect: Intensely Relaxing
%THC: 21%
Characteristics: Huge Producer

All Gas OG, previously named Asphalt Plant. From the expansive sprawl of the plant to the yield of its buds, every part of this strain exudes remarkable size and potency. It’s a prolific producer, generating dense, vibrant green buds that immediately catch the eye.

Once sparked, the pungent smoke of All Gas OG delivers an experience not suited for the faint-hearted. Its high is as robust as the plant itself, offering a sensation akin to a snake’s bite – potent and intense, commanding attention. Prepare for a deeply relaxing experience that encourages unwinding and embracing tranquility.

What sets All Gas OG apart is its reputation as a moderate to heavy yielder, promising a plentiful harvest for cultivators. With THC levels surpassing 20%, it’s classified as a potent hybrid deserving of reverence within the cannabis community. Expect the signature gas flavor synonymous with top-tier gassy strains, enhancing the allure of All Gas OG. Get ready for an indulgent journey combining intense relaxation with an irresistible urge for a snack-filled adventure.

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