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Humboldt Seed Company

ALL GAS OG Fem 5-Pack (Humboldt OG X Humboldt Venom OG)

ALL GAS OG Fem 5-Pack (Humboldt OG X Humboldt Venom OG)

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Type :  Indica Dominant

Parentage :  Humboldt OG X Humboldt Venom OG

Stabilization :  F4

Flavor / Taste:  Diesel, Gas / Fuel, Pungent, Pine, Woody

Effect :  Deeply Relaxing

Flowering Time:  55 Days

All Gas OG Seeds
Humboldt Seed Company is a leading cannabis cultivation company, and our products are known for their extremely high quality. One of our star products is the All Gas OG seeds.

One of the main characteristics of All Gas OG seeds is their size. They are known for producing large plants with dense buds that can acquire purple hues in the final flowering stage. These very compact buds are often covered in resin as well.

Likewise, these marijuana seeds stand out for their gasoline aroma with a touch of pine, in addition to the characteristic scent of the Skunk variety. Among their possible effects, this cannabis seed variety is highly relaxing and may help reduce stress and anxiety. It may also promote an increase in appetite.

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