How to store your seeds right

How to store your seeds right

Looking at the colorful and elaborately packaged cannabis seeds, many growers forget that they are dealing with a living organism that requires care and a certain climate before it even touches the earth for the first time. If you think about nature, you realize that the seeds fall from the plants to the ground in autumn and overwinter there until the temperatures are sufficient and there is enough moisture to start the germination process.

The ideal temperature

During storage, the temperature should be as constant as possible. A cool cellar is ideal, but a refrigerator that is not opened too often or for long periods of time guarantees long storage times without high losses in germination. If you want to keep your seeds for many years, you can even use a freezer to maintain the quality even longer. However, this method usually isn't necessary for home breeders. Basically, you have to remember: the lower the temperature, the longer you can store your seeds.

Keep your seeds away from air

If the humidity is too high, the seeds would germinate during storage and would be unusable for cultivation. But this problem can easily be avoided if you ensure that the container is completely airtight and protected from residual moisture, for example by adding rice.


Avoid light

There is only one simple rule about light: avoid it! Whether you store them in the refrigerator or in your apartment, the seeds must not be exposed to light!

All of our seeds are stored optimally until they are sold and ready to germinate immediately. If you'd like to germinate the seeds in the near future, storing them in the refrigerator etc. isn't necessary as our packaging is absolutely airtight! If you want to learn how you can germinate your seeds properly, hier.

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