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Purple Shot

Purple Shot

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Genetics: (Purple Punch x Do-si-dos) x Exotic Colours

THC/CBD: 23%+/<1%

yield outdoor: 800g

yield indoor: 500g+/m²

Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica/40% Sativa

Flowering Time: 56 - 63 days




-Rotten Fruits




Exotic's Purple Strain, aka Purple Shot, is a hybrid cannabis strain that was developed by Exotic Seed. It is well-known for the crazy Terps of dank rotten fruits and candy she emits, the short amount of time it takes to flower, and the soothing effect it has. Purple Shot is a hybrid strain that was created by crossing Purple Punch, Do-si-dos, and Exotic Colours ((Peyote Purple #7) x (Sir Jack x P.C.K) F5). Due to the distinctive qualities that this strain possesses, it has rapidly become a favorite among cannabis fans all over Europe.

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